Le périple…

27 May

Departure: 23rd April 9PM.

Finished packing, walked to Anne’s to say goodbye to all my gandu friends, called a cab, dropped a few tears, headed to mine to get all my luggage, we hear to the city when suddenly……we realize we both left our winter coats at eachother’s places..! Should we go back to get em? are we really gonna need em up warm North? Such blondes!!  So we drive to mine, get the coat, drive to Annie’s, get hers……and there’s already 20$ at the counter and we’re still at point 0 ..!!!

Check we got everything, head to the city -again-.

10PM: Get at Pauline and Juliette’s with all our stuff (they live on the 21st floor…><). There, wonderful dinner alla Pauline: kangoroo steack served in red wine accompanied by mash potatoes! We decide to watch a movie to pass time, but I …. pass out! (No, Inés…I have not changed: I still get a say in the choice of the movie and I still pass out!!  :p)

3ish AM: Woke up, get in another cab with Johanne, Anne and Morgan and all our stuff, head to Southern Cross station. Taxi dropps us on the side of the road blocked by road works…>< Gotta walk aaaall around the station to find a way in..

4.45 AM: Get on a bus to Avalon airport to be there 2 hours before departure, except that…..there is no departure..!!!: the screen displays in big red capital letters “CANCELED”…. f*ck* ‘-èù$-^*:;$ù^*$grrr !!! Find a busy stewardesswho gives us 3 options:

_get a full refund of the fight.

_try another airline (250$ more? no way!!!)

_transfer us onto another flight leaving from a differnt airport and 12 hours later..

6.45 AM: After delibreating, we chose option 3. Negociated price of the cab to take us to Tullamarine airport, because “Tiger” could not get us on the shuttle, no no “vous vous démerdez!” Merci Tiger..

7.15 AM:  Get to Tullamarine, tired and start camping in the airport…-still with all our stuff..-We found a little space between people queuing for check in, 2 trolleys and a bench! Dozzed for like 6 hours, ate junk food and went on expensive internet access.

3 PM: Walk to Tiger’s check in, obviously situated at the other end of the airport…-no one wants doggy “Tiger” in with the other companies obviously..!- still with all our stuff. Then…the dreaded check in time….ta ta taaaa (dramatic music) I knew my suitcase was heavy ( i should not have trusted the Happy house’s scale…><) Verdict: 26 kg!  stewardess asks me to remove 1 kilo, so take jeans out into another handbag (already had 2…) and passed the check in challenge! But failed the Xray one…..>< Got my backpack searched and emptied (grrr!) as if i looked like a terrorist ?!!!

4.20 PM: Plane leaves…finally!

6ish PM: Plane lands in Brisbane!

7 PM: Our -should i say… many!-  luggage. finally show up on the rolling carpet! Anne, Morgan and Johanne head to Fraser island whilst I take a train to Taringa! Thank god this Canadian guy helped me walk up those stairs with my almost 40kg of stuff! Bless Canadians and F*** stations with no lifts!!!

Arrival : 24th April 9 PM……..So yeah, Melbourne – Brisbane in 24 hours! qui dit mieux?!!

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