Debut in Greensborough!

10 Apr

The Backman family hosted me for the first 2 weeks and I could not have been better welcomed! So their house is situated in Greensborough, a nice neighboorhood located an hour away from the CBD by train. When I first got there I thought I was in  a jungle!

So I was hosted by Jemima, who used to be my mum’s best friend back in the 1970s when they both lived in Mulhouse (!!), Marcus, her 20 year old son and Kara, his grilfriend who took me to places and introduced me to ozzie stuff^^(i.e “Abi you shud know what boggans and yobbos are”! 😉

They showed me around, helped me out with all the stuff you need to do in the beginning (opening bank accoun, finding a job, a house, getting to places…etc)

and became good friends. I thank them again a lot for being there for me for my first ozzie days!

As you can see this house is pretty “cozy” with an outdoor pool, a garden and heaps of little souvenirs.

These little bathrom notes helped me with my1st day “little blues”..

So people who know me well, know that i take thousands of pix a second, but unfortunately these blogs don’t allow me to put em all here’s just a glimpse (and if u want more, log on facebook ;))

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